Thursday, 17 February 2011

Long Stay Offer

Chapwani Private Island

We have just had in some fantastic long stay specials for Chapwani Island:

Stay 4 nights / pay 3
Stay 5 nights / pay 4 + Spice Tour and snorkeling around Prison Island
Stay 7 nights / pay 5
Stay 10 nights / pay 7

Call 01227 753180 to find out more.

Chapwani is a little island surrounded by a beautiful coral reef and immersed in crystal blue waters, filled with starfish and multi-colored corals; an amazing beach touched by the tepid monsoon; the horizon lit up by a tropical sunset: true paradise on earth.

In this private paradise, guests are free to do what they like, at their own timings, be it lying under the sun the entire day or visit the labyrinth streets of the ancient Stone Town.

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